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Sound in DOS

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Home » 2016 » February » 15 » New HXDOS-extender 2.17+
New HXDOS-extender 2.17+

This is a modified version of the HXDOS-extender (2.17+) to work with the modern sound cards:

Intel-HDA, ICH/AC97, VIA82xx, ENS1371/1373, CMI 8338/8738.

For this dynamic library (DPCI.DLL) was created.
There have also been modifed some other libraries included
in the HXDOS-extender to be fully compatible with the new DPCI.DLL and games.
(dsound.dll winmm.dll comdlg32.dll ole32.dll dkrnl32.dll duser32.dll dgdi32.dll
 it has been modified) (dsound.dll and winmm.dll for support sound card)

ADDED config file sound card: hxsndhlp.ini
Put this config-file in the root of the disk C. (C:\hxsndhlp.ini)

In the future, I plan to support SB Audigy (2)(Live 24 bit) audio card and other included in the package sound_library. May be other new cards...


Sound has been tested on the test playing audio files, as well as games:
 QUAKE for Windows (FITZ 0.85) and ZDOOM for Windows.
 (try version ZDOOM 2.1.7 not 2.7.1) and PRBOOM (GLBOOM) version 2.5.0 for  Windows. (zdoom the best!!!)

For graphics:

opengl32.dll makes software emulation 3d graphics.
 For hardware acceleration 3dFX-voodoo necessary to replace this file
 appropriate for 3dFX-voodoo card.

(3dfxvgl.dll rename to opengl32.dll and add file glite3x.dll or glite2x.dll)
Try for QUAKE_GL for Windows (FITZ 0.85)

Test and write comments on my email: starus2009@mail.ru


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1 ashumovvagif • 01:04, 18.02.2016
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Отправил повторно на starus2009@mail.ru
тема modified version of the HXDOS-extenderНа моей странице DOS для NTFS образ FAR, запускаемый с помощью HXDOS-extender из Win 7
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
c:\grub\grldr="GRUB for DOS"

 title FAR
kernel /grub/memdisk
initrd /grub/FAR.img