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New HXDOS-extender 2.17+ [new sound-dll lib] (31.03.2016)
[ Download from this server (1.35 Mb) ] 15.02.2016, 17:57

This is a modified version of the HXDOS-extender (2.17+) to work with the
 modern sound cards:

Intel-HDA, ICH/AC97, VIA82xx, ENS1371/1373, CMI 8338/8738.

For this dynamic library (DPCI.DLL) was created.
There have also been modifed some other libraries included
in the HXDOS-extender to be fully compatible with the new DPCI.DLL and games.
(dsound.dll winmm.dll comdlg32.dll ole32.dll dkrnl32.dll duser32.dll dgdi32.dll
 it has been modified) {for sound support: winmm.dll & dsound.dll}

In the future, I plan to support other sound cards included in the
 package sound_library.

Sound has been tested on the test playing audio files, as well as games:
 QUAKE for Windows (FITZ 0.85) and ZDOOM for Windows.
 (try version ZDOOM 2.1.7 not 2.7.1) and PRBOOM (GLBOOM) version 2.5.0 for Windows. (zdoom the best!!!)

For graphics:
opengl32.dll makes software emulation 3D graphics.
 For hardware acceleration 3dFX-voodoo necessary to replace this file
 appropriate for 3dFX-voodoo card.
(3dfxvgl.dll rename to opengl32.dll and add file glite3x.dll or glite2x.dll)

Try for QUAKE_GL for Windows (FITZ 0.85)


Test and write comments on my email: starus2009@mail.ru






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1 yehudi512k • 06:04, 05.10.2017 [Entry]
Is the GUI kit included with this version? Or do you need to reuse the old version?